The Wisconsin Psychiatric Association is governed by an Executive Council. Most members of the Council serve for two-year terms beginning on the last day of the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in the year elected.

Executive Council 2023-2025

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Tony Thrasher, DO, DFAPA

Milwaukee County Behavioral Health


Jeff Marcus, MD, DFAPA

Central Wisconsin Center

President Elect

Jackie Landess, MD, JD, FAPA

Mendota Mental Health Institute

APA Assembly Rep

Justin Schoen, MD, DFAPA
Marshfield Clinic

Immediate Past President

Angela Janis, MD, DFAPA

Mendota Mental Health Institute

APA Assembly Rep

Laurel Bessey, MD
Univ. of Wisconsin


Molli Rolli, MD, DFAPA

Rolli Consulting


Brian Berendes, MD
Madison Psychiatric Association


Erica Larson, DO
Core Choice


Gabriella Hangiandreou, MD
MCW & Children's Hospital of WI


Kathy Russeth, MD
Centered Psychiatry


Katrina Hickle-Koclanes, MD


Annaliese Koller Shumate, DO
Milwaukee County Psychiatric Emergency Services

Chapter Leadership

Milwaukee Chapter President

Greg Burek, MD
Aurora Psychiatric Hospital

Southern Chapter President

Michelle Hume, MD
Mendota Mental Health Institute

Milwaukee Chapter ECP


Southern Chapter ECP
Dileep Borra, MD
Being You Mental Health

Northern Chapter President

Alison Jones, MD, MS

Northern Chapter ECP

AnneMarie Wannamaker, MD
Green Bay

Resident Reps

Medical College of Wisconsin -  Central WI
Alexandra Reischman, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin -  Green Bay
Kevin Hansen, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin -  Milwaukee
Ryan Emhoff, MD

Medical College of Wisconsin -  Milwaukee
Al'Haji (Haji) Camara, MD

University of Wisconsin
Cesar Ramirez, MD

University of Wisconsin
Obhi Hazarika, MD

Wisconsin Psychiatric Association
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