Advocacy starts here, with the WPA PAC. Through the PAC, a unified voice of Wisconsin psychiatrists will work to support public officials who understand mental health issues and appreciate the important role of psychiatry in today's health care market.

Donate today by clicking the button below. Your participation will help advance the advocacy efforts of WPA on behalf of its members and the patients they serve.

Recommended Annual Donation Levels

    • $500 - Leadership Level
    • $365 - Influence Level
    • $200 - Impact Level
    • $60 - Support Level (designed for psychiatrists-in-training)
    • Other - Any amount helps!

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How are PAC Funds Allocated? WPA supports candidates with:

    • Stated or demonstrated positions on mental health issues
    • Service on relevant legislative committees
    • Leadership positions in the state legislature or other governmental offices
    • Personal recommendation of a WPA member
    • Support from other medical specialties
    • Likelihood of success in an election

The WPA PAC is a state political action committee. Contributions are not made to candidates for federal office through this PAC. Wisconsin law does not allow corporate contributions to a PAC. All donations must come from individuals using personal funds.

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