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President's Message, June 2019

Thursday, June 20, 2019  
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John Schneider, MD, FAPA

The world it seems is in a very complex place.  We’re surrounded and beset, seemingly at every turn, with crisis after crisis.  Many of us are filled and overwhelmed with palpable Kierkegaard-like angst.  The information overload that the current minute-by-minute news cycle and social media overload that permeates our current world crashing over us like a rising tide.

Luckily, summer is upon us and taking a quote from one of John Hughes’ titular characters (a bit out of context): “How can I possibly be expected to handle [work] on a day like this?”  The young Mr Bueller, goes on to instruct us that “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

I find this sage advice from the rebellious hero on our need to take a moment, step back and let ourselves have some fun.  In the movie, John Hughes’ titular character, Ferris and his friends, lead us on a day long romp about Chicago that Homer’s Odysseus would envy.  While we don’t need to pack that much into one day, we could.

There are so many good things to see and do around us in Wisconsin; festivals galore, from Summerfest to Little Chute Cheese Days to Fondy’s Walleye Days.  Many great natural wonders to see, or walk, or drive.  I myself, will be heading out on a tour of waterfalls next week as I wander my way up nort’.  I’m not sure it really matters what you pick, just get out there and see something good.

Here’s hoping you go out and have a Grand Summer!