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APA Area 4 Council Update, Fall 2017

Tuesday, November 7, 2017  
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By Michael Peterson, MD, PhD and Clarence Chou, MD
WPA Assembly Representatives to APA

Area 4 Council Meeting #1 - Friday PM

  • Dr. Dave opened the meeting at 13:15 on November 3rd and welcomed the Area 4 Council and individuals made introductions.
  • Dr. Pai discussed the congressional fellowships available for residents and early career psychiatrists.
  • Dr. Dave introduced the agenda for Area 4.
  • The candidates for Trustee at Large introduced themselves to the Area Council.
  • The Council broke into 5 groups to discuss the Action and Position papers.
  • The group moved to the Assembly Plenary.

Area 4 Council Meeting #2 - Saturday AM

  • Dr. Dave opened the meeting at 8:30 on November 4th, introduction of members who were not able to attend on Friday.
  • Dr. Saul Levin, CMO/CEO of the APA joined the area meeting to provide an update.
    • Dr. Levin thanked all of the council members for their ongoing efforts.
    • Dr. Levin particularly mentioned Dr. Jake Behrens’ efforts in shepherding the APA Registry. Registry now has >150 hospital systems enrolled, and overall is almost 18 months ahead of projected timeline.
  • He mentioned Dr. David Watts, the new APA governmental liaison to Area 4.
  • Report from Area 4 Reference Committee Representatives:
    • Ref Com #1:
      • 4B2 – “Long term care” facility statement. Did not support given concern for wording and potential for confusion.
      • 4B7 – Position statement re: domestic violence against women. Supported.
      • 4B8 – Position statement re: prevention of violence. Supported.
      • Action Papers:
      • 12A – Designation of Psychiatry as Primary Care for Medical School Scholarships. Supported as written.
      • 12B – Medical school loan repayment subsidies for psychiatrists in Community Mental Health and State Psychiatric Facilities. Supported as written.
      • 12C - Transitional Care Services Post-Psychiatric Hospitalization. Supported as written.
    • Ref Com #2:
      • 4B3 – Retire position statement. Support.
      • 4B11 – Proposed position statement against lengthy sentences without paroled for juveniles. Supported.
      • 4B12 – Retire position statement on review of sentences for juveniles (replaced by 4B11)
      • 4B15 – Position statement re: firearms access and inquiries in clinical settings. Approved on consent calendar. Discussion about whether statement conflicted with constitution.
      • Action Papers:
      • 12D – re: state medical board licensure questions. Supported with changes
      • 12E – re: MOC related issues. Supported with changes (removing some of the “resolved” statements).
      • 12F – re: survey of “medical aid in dying”. Not supported.
    • Ref Com #3:
      • 4B10 – police interactions with persons with mental illness. Supported as written.
      • 4B14 – re: assessing risk for violence. Approved on consent calendar
      • Action Papers:
      • 12G – re COI not limited to pharmaceutical companies. Supported with changes.
      • 12H – re: non-physician registration fees for annual meeting. Supported with changes.
      • 12I – re: creating a position statement with a recommendation for 12 weeks of paid parental leave. Supported as written.
    • Ref Com #4:
      • 4B9 re: human trafficking. Supported
      • 4B16 – approved on consent calendar.
      • 4B17 – approved on consent calendar
      • Action Papers:
      • 12J – helping members join caucuses. Approved on consent calendar.
      • 12K – supported with changes
      • 12L – re: creating a position statement re: implementation of Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) supported with changes.
      • 12M – Joint Meeting of the Council on Minority Mental Health and Health Disparities and the Assembly Committee of Representatives of Minority/Underrepresented Groups. Supported.
    • Ref Com #5:
      • 4B6 – position statement on human rights. (combination of 2 older statements) Supported as written.
      • 12N – re: civil liability coverage for ethics investigations for district branches. Supported with changes.
      • 12O – re: creation of a council on women’s psychiatry. Not supported.
      • 12P – addressing the negative impact of the “Rule of 95” on dues revenue. Supported with changes.

Area 4 Council Meeting #3 - Saturday PM

  • Called to Order by Dr. Dave at 4:40
    • Area 4 Treasurer’s Report
    • Area 4 Budget and Audit Committee Report
    • Discussion of future meetings:
      • Winter/Spring 2018: March 10-11,2018
      • Summer 2018: Area 4 Council voted to hold a Summer meeting; sate and location TBD. Recommendation to investigate option of having video teleconference on alternate (odd numbered) years.
    • Area 4 Trustee Report – Dr. Ron Burd
    • Review of assigned action paper
      • 14A – addressing the negative impact of new joint commission and CMS policies re: ligature risk on inpatient psychiatric units
  • Area 4 Council Adjourned.